Share & Bites

Meals are a celebration of the community that produce the ingredients as well as the people that enjoy them. Lives are told, and shared over plates of food; sharing both the items and the moment with one another. From supporting local growers, produces and suppliers to the community that we are a part of; this is our concept of food.
Locally sourced and produced charcuterie, cheeses, olives, mustard, pepper relish, pickles, crackers
Choose any five from our selection
Flavour Options:
Cajun or salt & pepper
Beef, Chicken or Veg
Rotating Dundarave olives
Sweet Chili
House pickled
Crosstrax fries, jalepeno cheese sauce, red pepper pico de gallo


Available from 4pm - 11pm
Marinara, arugula pesto, genoa salami, fresh mozzarella, italian dressed arugula, garlic butter
Marinara, roasted red peppers, onions, garlic butter, italian dressed arugula, bratwurst
Ham, genoa, chorizo, relish mustard, garlic butter, roasted red pepper, onions
Ham, red pepper pico de gallo, relish, mustard, jalapeno cheese sauce, arugula, garlic butter
Roast beef, jalapeno cheese sauce, garlic butter, roasted red pepper, onion
 Items are vegetarian, ask about vegan options
 Items are gluten free, many more are gluten reduced