Daily Specials


Ham or Veggie Grilled Cheese & 16oz BC Beer • 10.95


Hoyne Pilsner 20oz • 6.50
$1.00 off Glasses of Wine


Fuggles & Warlock The Last Strawberry Wit 20oz • 6.50


Off the Rail Pale Ale 20oz • 6.50


Steamworks Flagship IPA 20oz • 6.50
Double Highballs • 7.95


Red Truck Lager 20oz • 6.50
Double Highballs • 7.95


Double Caesars • 7.95
Lonetree Cider 20oz • 7.50

Light Fare

Meals are a celebration of the community that produce the ingredients as well as the people that enjoy them. Lives are told, and shared over plates of food; sharing both the items and the moment with one another. From supporting local growers, produces and suppliers to the community that we are a part of; this is our concept of food.
Oven roasted tomatoes, garlic oil, black pepper, tomato sauce, paremsan cheese
Add meatballs +3
Four tacos served on a flour tortilla
Red Snapper • corn pico de gallo, arugula, chipotle mayo • 10.95
Pulled Pork • aged cheddar, Cajun roast apples, sweet sauce, arugula • 10.95
Spicy Jerk Chicken • house jerk sauce, arugula, mixed vegetables • 10.95
 Tofu • szechuan seasoned, pickled onion & carrot, arugula • 8.95
House made meatball, tomato sauces, parmesan
Served with a slice of sourdough cheese bread
Baked baby potatoes, house Cajun seasoning, ranch dip
Parmesan, spiced pumpkin seeds, dried cranberry and blueberries, lemon vinaigrette


All our food is made in house using as many locally produced and sourced ingredients as we can. Our beef is from Cache Creek, the pork, chicken and eggs are all from Abbotsford, and our Fish is caught just off the coast of Vancouver Island.
By making everything, we can ensure that we are providing you with a fresh local meal.
House made Cache Creek beef patty, roast tomato, cheese spread, Havarti, buttered Cobs sourdough
Served with Cajun chips
Yellowdog IPA glazed ham, Cheddar cheese sauce, Havarti, arugula, buttered Cobs sourdough
Served with Cajun chips
Havarti, caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes, red onions, arugula, buttered Cobs sourdough
Served with Cajun chips
House made meatballs, tomato sauce, red onions, Havarti, arugula, buttered Cobs sourdough
Served with Cajun chips
Cheddar cheese sauce, dijon Yellowdog IPA glazed ham, arugula
Served with a side kale salad


Locally sourced and produced charcuterie, Canadian cheeses, olives, whole grain mustard, fruit relish, honeycomb, crackers • 20
Choose any three (3) from the selection below (additional Meats or Cheeses +3 each)

Gyulai - Oyama
Traditional Hungarian slow smoked sausage with garlic, caraway, and Hungarian paprika

Finocchiona - Oyama
Air dried salami, made after an Italian inspired recipe with wild fennel, red wine and garlic

Kazu Coppa - Oyama
One of the most sought after cuts of pork, the coppa is perfectly marbled and is soaked in local saké

Rioja Chorizo - Oyama
A lightly smoked, mildly spiced Spanish chorizo, cured with plenty of Rioja wine and garlic.

N'Duja - Two Rivers
A spicy Italian based salami that is easily spreadable, and rich

Smoked Chorizo - Two Rivers
Cold smoked, and allowed to dry age developing a rich depth of flavour

Sour Tuscan Salami - Two Rivers
Slow dry aged salami seasoned with a blend of peppercorns and red wine

Oka - Quebec
Semi soft, washed rind

Brie - British Columbia
Soft bloomy rind

Cantonnier - Quebec
Semi soft, surface ripenened

Goat Cheese - British Columbia
Sharp, tangy

Smoked Gouda - Quebec
Semi firm, smooth

Le Triple Creme DuVillage - Quebec
Soft surface-ripenened


House made, caramel sauce, whipped cream
 Items are vegetarian, ask about vegan options
 Items are gluten free, many more are gluten reduced