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Meals are a celebration of the community that produce the ingredients as well as the people that enjoy them. Lives are told, and shared over plates of food; sharing both the items and the moment with one another. From supporting local growers, produces and suppliers to the community that we are a part of; this is our concept of food.
Pickled Mixed Vegetables
Rotating Dundarave olives
House Made
Flavour Options:
Cajun, Bread & Butter Pickle
House Made
Flavour Options:
Salted Coconut, Spicy Cheese
Kozlik's Mustard
House pickled
Various 5 cent candies
Rotating Bon Chaz cookies
Confit garlic and chili hummus, crackers
Or the Carnivore Pint for 17
Tamarind Mango Chutney
Choice between Mild or Spicy Beef or Chicken
Choice between Bacon or Asparagus
Corn salsa, celery, hard boiled egg

Our Local Suppliers

Cobs Bread • Bon Chaz Bakery • Oyama Sausage Co. • East Side Beer Food • Rabbit River Eggs • Dundarave Olives • Vancouver Candy • Patty Shop


Locally sourced and produced charcuterie, Canadian cheeses, olives, whole grain mustard, fruit relish, honeycomb, crackers • 25
Choose any three (3) from the selection below (additional Meats or Cheeses +3 each)

Gyulai - Oyama
Traditional Hungarian slow smoked sausage with garlic, caraway, and Hungarian paprika

Finocchiona - Oyama
Air dried salami, made after an Italian inspired recipe with wild fennel, red wine and garlic

Kazu Coppa - Oyama
One of the most sought after cuts of pork, the coppa is perfectly marbled and is soaked in local saké

Rioja Chorizo - Oyama
A lightly smoked, mildly spiced Spanish chorizo, cured with plenty of Rioja wine and garlic.

N'Duja - Two Rivers
A spicy Italian based salami that is easily spreadable, and rich

Smoked Chorizo - Two Rivers
Cold smoked, and allowed to dry age developing a rich depth of flavour

Sour Tuscan Salami - Two Rivers
Slow dry aged salami seasoned with a blend of peppercorns and red wine

Oka - Quebec
Semi soft, washed rind

Brie - British Columbia
Soft bloomy rind

Cantonnier - Quebec
Semi soft, surface ripenened

Goat Cheese - British Columbia
Sharp, tangy

Smoked Gouda - Quebec
Semi firm, smooth

Le Triple Creme DuVillage - Quebec
Soft surface-ripenened

 Items are vegetarian, ask about vegan options
 Items are gluten free, many more are gluten reduced